The main two types of Wedding Dress Shops in Brisbane that you will find, are either shops that stock several brands, or single designer brand boutiques which carry solely their own brand.

The advantage of Wedding Dress shops in Brisbane that stock several brands, or what is otherwise known as a multi-brand store, is that you can visit one location and view several of your favourite brands without having to drive around the country to see them individually. The major downside is that the shop assistants selling multi-brands usually have limited knowledge on each brand, the brands’ working methodology and limitations of the brand in terms of producing a gown to fit you correctly. The store assistant is not able to offer specific advice on alterations and there is a distance between the designer and the client. For a ready-to-wear solution, the multi-brand wedding dress shops in Brisbane are a fast solution for your bridal needs.

On the other hand, if you choose to visit a single brand wedding dress store, the store assistant, which may even be the designer themselves, will offer a thorough knowledge of garment production, design limitations and alternate methods of tailoring to suit your figure and your budget. Any questions about alterations will be specifically answered in relation to the gown that you are interested in as the alterations will occur during the making process itself. Another benefit of choosing a single brand wedding dress store is that you can rest assured knowing that the step by step tailoring service will continue until full garment completion, resulting in a highly tailored fit, customized to your personalised requirements.

Throughout the process, there is opportunity to engage the designer with your queries and have certain elements tweaked or modified as the design unfolds. Engaging a designer to create a wedding dress for you is an experience in itself, the service based approach is not what you would typically consider as a retail scenario, it is a service based activity. Each appointment is private and felxible without interruption.

The key difference between a multi-brand store and a single-brand wedding dress shop is that when you order direct from the brand, then you are engaging a context specific dialogue with the fashion assistant by choosing to enter a design process, resulting in a unique one-of-a-kind wedding dress.