Sources of inspiration are in no short supply from our pick of the 10 Australian Stylists you should be following on Instagram right now. With their seriously enviable wardrobes filled to the brim with the most coveted pieces of the season and the extensive resume of work they boast, each with a burgeoning cult following that is a testament to their widespread popularity amongst fashion enthusiasts and industry professionals. Whether they are an in-demand celebrity stylist, or creative director/stylist taking over every Australian’s woman’s socials, these women sure know how to dress to impress.




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Christine Centenera

Curating a wardrobe with a similar likeness to that of Vogue Australia’s fashion director Christine Centenera will see the inclusion of endless tailored suiting, neutral tones, minimalist silhouettes and an endless supply of high-fashion footwear. Seamless, contemporary incorporation of her visual work style into her personal style, Centenera predominantly keeps things monochromatic, stylistically informed by her understanding of the breadth of fashion. From couture to young designers, with one wear she can bring a designer to the forefront of the Australian fashion scene. Her style synthesises classic artistic couture elements, radical design incorporation, and delicate thought-out pairings of pieces with an unusual likeness. Enviable street style can be synonymously linked to the paired-back Parisian fashion persona: timeless, strong, and cohesively styled basics with an air of effortless luxury.




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Violet Atkinson

Lawyer-turned fashion stylist Violet Atkinson brings her effortlessly-cool sense of style to the high-profile brand collaborations that are sure to have popped up on your feed. Hailing from the gold coast, her style seamlessly incorporates professional power-dressing through structured tailoring and a hint of sporty influence synonymous with the Gold Coast. Layering and adding texture to outfits in contrast to heavy accessorising, she draws inspiration from menswear; Tomboy dressing infused with feminine delicacy. Wearing what she feels comfortable and powerful in, the feminine aspect of her style comes through the accentuation of feminine features: highlighting the décolletage or waist. Researching overseas trends and strategically wearing a jacket off one shoulder, Atkinson’s approach to dressing is well-informed and purposeful in its nature. She is not one to shy away from bold colours; creating transient looks that seamlessly work with the seasons of the fashion calendar.




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Hayley Bonham

If the name La Porté Space sounds familiar, then Creative Director Hayley Bonham, director of the renowned Sydney studio is a Creative Director and Stylist with her own extensive resume of high-fashion collaborations and styling work. Her unequivocally brilliant ability to as stylist and. Her ability to spot a gap in the market and turn it into something people want can be used to describe her unique stylistic ability; incorporating paired-back beauty and earthy-toned pieces from celebrated Australian designers. La Porté is a mirror image of her own personal style: described by herself as minimal and classic with an androgynous twist. As you can imagine, her own wardrobe is an envious display of her killer-instincts to spot the next big thing, in both fashion and business. Her love for relaxed chic is very The Row: elements of underlying harshness masked by the inherent delicateness of the textural beauty. Using her eveningwear looks like a reference point for your next event, pairing back your look is sure to instil a Bonham-inspired way of dressing into your life.




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Lana Wilkinson

As a Celebrity Stylist for the Australian elite, if there is a red-carpet look you are just dying to re-create, it can most likely be attributed to the stylistic-mastermind that is Lana Wilkinson. With a clientele that includes the likes of Rachel Zoe, Ruby Rose, and Elyse Knowles to name a few, her elegantly chic, and sometimes elaborate occasion dressing has made her a seriously sought-after figure in the styling game. Working off of emerging trends, she creates iconic looks for both her clients and fashion editorials that incorporate fundamentally classic style aspects with strong details and hero pieces. Investing in timeless essentials and being a heavy supporter of the Australian fashion industry, especially those designers who evolve and keep their pieces fresh and stylish.




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Molly King

With an aesthetic that is characteristically polished in nature, Sydney Stylist Molly King incorporates a mixture of luxe street-wear like pieces with bold accessories, employing a classic yet seductive style in her work and fashions seen across her seriously enviable socials feed. Her wardrobe brimming with designer threads, following a minimalist colour scheme of basic black and whites, denim blues, hints of neutrals and the occasional unexpected pop of colour. Basic dressing done chic and elevated is what King does best; and if you take the time to look, the eveningwear looks display models with legs-for-days in the most eye-catching designs and put together ensembles.




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Annabel Falco

Brisbane-based stylist Annabel Falco is one to keep an eye on with her face and work freshly featured in various collaborations with some of the most loved local labels. Her timeless pairings of everyday pieces from new and established designers with luxury staples make her a go-to source of inspiration for elevated everyday styling looks. Working with some of the most reputable businesses doing installations, full-scale PR campaigns, hosting and styling fashion parades, along with styling for numerous magazine titles across Brisbane, Annabel’s lengthy experience does not go unnoticed. Certainly knowing how to curate the perfect fashion look for any occasion, she offers her services as a stylist for Westfield, and edited fashion collaborations for brands with large cult followings in today’s trend-driven social media scene.





Marina Didovich

Marina Didovich

A freelance fashion stylist and consultant hailing from New Zealand, Marina Didovich’s impressive resume and an array of celebrity clients has earned her the title as one of our most successful talents in the industry. Boasting an overflowing portfolio of work with Vogue Italia, Harpers Bazaar, Russh and Grazia Uk, Marina knows a thing or two about high-fashion styling. Dressing some of the biggest names in entertainment, Australian fashionistas and celebrities, her socials feed is filled to the brim of elaborate looks celebrating the most coveted labels. Her eye for successfully translating new season trends into creative editorials, campaigns and attention-drawing celebrity looks has cemented her as a highly sought after commodity in the fashion scene here in Australia.





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Caroline Tran

Having worked as a fashion editor for Harper’s Bazaar Australia before its closure earlier this year, Caroline Tran knows a thing or two about style. Her forward-thinking, curatorial eye and talent for discovering “it” designers or the most coveted pieces of a new collection before others in her field. The impeccably-presented creative is sure to be found at the most exclusive launches and events around the country, flaunting pieces hot off the runway in her own impossibly stylish yet understated approach to incorporating high-fashion into her everyday style. Her career spent immersed in a world of burgeoning cult labels, Caroline’s instinctive executive decisions and business acumen, makes spotting talent choosing next seasons “it” pieces looking easy.





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Romy Frydman

The mastermind behind Zimmerman’s heavenly and eccentric editorial styling, Romy Frydman brings her Aussie cool-girl style to the high-fashion Australian designer. Speaking on her own personal style, Frydman’s look is effortless with a touch of sexiness. Heavily influenced by the loose, free and sexy style signatures from the ‘70s, her style pays eclectic homage to the unfiltered beauty and signature trademarks from this era. Collectively appearing in curated disharmony, the aesthetic her style radiates is defined by raw, moodily-tinted beauty, with a side of subtle, natural sexiness; an old-world infusion to her predominantly modern-chic choices. The uncomplicated cool signatures in her work have cemented her reputation as a stylist and creative among many in the Australian fashion scene. Allowing the nature of an eclectic piece to form the base of a look, is one skill to take from the authentically Australian creative.




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Xanthe Wetzler

A freelance fashion stylist working between London and Australia, Xanthe Wetzler has done her fair share of time in the industry. Assisting the likes of Romy Frydman and Michelle Jank, and shows for the likes of Zimmermann, Chanel and Aje to name a few, her exposure to the high-fashion scene in Australia grants her a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to infuse into her work. The ability to keep the brief fresh and modern whilst spinning it with her nostalgic flare is praised by many in the industry, as well as online audiences looking for styling inspiration from one of the most relevant in the game. Her work is infused with a nostalgia for eras gone by and combined with current trend-driven choices, cementing her as one to watch in the industry. This nuanced perspective of hers offers the brands she works with a taste of the past whilst incorporating current elements of contemporary high-fashion.




by Jarrah Niven @ House of Ezis