Terms and Conditions of our Design and Making Process.

1. Full upfront payment is required for your order. This guarantees time within our production schedule to make your order. The payment is non-refundable due to the limited number of spots available within our production schedule.
2. Once full payment is received, we will proceed with measuring your body and creating a measured drawing. The measured drawing will act as a form of visual design agreement between us, for the overall look of your chosen gown.
3. After your order has been confirmed, fabrics will be ordered, pattern-making and designing will begin.
4. Your 1st fitting appointment should occur 2-3 months prior to your wedding.
5. During the 1st fitting, a toile will be made for you. It will be slightly bigger than your body to allow for pinning and changes. During this phase, we normally make a short, knee-length toile unless discussed otherwise.
6. Appointments will continue until we agree on a satisfactory proportion and fit. This normally occurs through short dress or bodice toiles, exploring the overall fit of torso, bust, waist and hip. Usually 3 fittings are sufficient to achieve a good fit.
7. Upon arriving at a satisfactory fit, your final full-length gown will be cut & made and another fitting will occur with further alterations shall they be required. These alterations are also included in the initial agreed quote.
8. Please make sure to try on your completed gown upon final pick-up to avoid any further fees.
9. Additional alterations due to change of mind or re-design, will incur additional costs depending on the time required to complete them. A quote will be issued prior to the changes.
10. We guarantee our work; for your re-assurance, shall the final gown turn out not to fit properly or have structural/manufacturing defects, we will be more than happy to fully re-make the same gown free of charge.


1. Please choose carefully as we do not accept returns or refunds for our Made-To-Measure Service.
2. Full payment at purchase is required to secure a reservation of the look for one specific event per individual.
3. After full payment is made the order is placed into our manufacture schedule and the design process begins.
4. Style and colour changes will not be accepted due to our reservation service after order is placed.
5. While we do keep a registry of dresses sold we cannot guarantee that there will not be a similar style worn to your event due to borrowing of garments and hire companies.
6. We reserve for your school of attendance only. We do not reserve for 2nd and external schools.
7. We do our best to change colour and design features to avoid two identical dresses.
8. Please make sure to try on your garment upon pick-up, as further alterations will incur additional charges.
9. Additional alterations due to change of mind will incur additional costs. Quote will be issued prior to changes.
10. You agree not to hire this unique HOUSE OF EZIS garment for profit.


Secure a booking by selecting a time on our BOOKING CALENDAR, phoning us on (07) 3216 1513 or by writing to  An allocated booking time will ensure that you have focused time with one of our skilled, ‘in-house’ stylists/designers without interruptions.


House of Ezis requires a full upfront payment prior to production of garment. Payments can be made in person at our store, by phone or internet using Visa, MasterCard, Debit Card, PayPal Australia, or by direct deposit (for bank details, enquire at


You will be notified by email when your garment is ready for fitting and collection from our store. If you require your garment to be posted please contact us either by phone (07) 3216 1513 or email and we will make suitable arrangements. Postage costs will vary according to garment size and weight.


Initial Appointment (30min) – $50
Measure up Appointment (30min) – $300
Design Consultation (60min) – $500
Extended Design Consultation (90min) – $700

NOTE: after your initial order confirmation and payment, a measured block will be drafted and cut out from pattern making paper according to your measurements ready for fabric cutting – VALUE ESTIMATE 50% of your total order cost


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