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Our collection of unique wedding dresses marks a crucial moment in the development of the House of Ezis bridal aesthetic. The range of dresses explores two key materials, their behaviour and contrast: Crepe and Mikado. The collection explores variations of ideas through the play of the two materials, offering very distinct and contrasting bridal vibes. One aspect of the collection explores the structure, weight and beauty of mikado wedding dresses through different methods of bonding and interfacing, to bring more volume into the designs allowing for fine body sculpting and tailoring. The sculpted aesthetic of the mikado wedding dresses, gives a more pronounced, formal, highly-dressed vibe. If you are into structured wedding dresses, don’t forget to visit our Structured Collection. The other direction, focuses on heavy crepe wedding dresses, with a soft handle, which results in feminine, relaxed, comfortable gowns suited to a relaxed wedding vibe. The series is a matured offering of our classical ideas and styles, re-developed using all our practical knowledge gained from 10 years of designing, production and retail experience. It is also a significant shift in the brand, towards balancing classical pattern-making with fluid draping. Depending on your vision and the location for your special day, both material options are well suited to fine tailoring and produce unique atmospheres and looks. For more ideas suited to a relaxed wedding, check out our beach wedding dresses!