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The tulle bridal gown collection builds on our classic bridal silhouettes by introducing a lightweight, structured shell that extends from a bodily, tailored gown. The extension creates a sense of volume and softness to the figure, maintaining the inter-play of hard and soft spaces. The result creates drama, depth and interest to the tulle bridal gown, while flattering certain aspects of your body-shape. Tulle is introduced during private design/fitting sessions after the base wedding gown has been tailored. The tulle is draped in a live scenario allowing you to see how it evolves before a final decision is made. The draping explores proportions, to flatter your body-shape. For straighter body shapes tulle is introduced through the hip and hem to enhance the lower part of the figure, giving more shape. For curvier and fuller bust, body shapes, tulle is introduced top heavily to guide the eye away from the hip, resulting in a beautifully balanced bridal gown. Form finding through the deliberate placements of tulle is an effective way to test proportions, which flatter your curves, whilst shaping the body. For a wedding dress with a bit of drama, our tulle bridal gowns and modern princess wedding dresses are also not to be missed, and for more designs incorporating tulle, explore our structured wedding dresses.