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Andrzejs’ award-winning background in architecture and knowledge in building construction is evident in this series of structured wedding dresses. The collection explores ways of integrating and balancing rigid and fluid structures to create unique wedding dresses. Through both rigid pattern making and fluid draping, different elements of the structure are considered as a framing device for the bodily form. Structure is further explored by folding tensile cloths in a manner that expresses the nature of the material being worked by hand. The result is structured volumes that billow and maintain their shape through the internal tension that is created by pleating, folding and darting the volumes of fabric. The tensile structures are then juxtaposed, draped and extended into tailored, bodily elements that are shaped by the clients’ bodily form through corsetry and bodice construction, resulting in very modest wedding dresses, suited to higher-end bridal functions. Like a finely engineered building, a structured wedding dress is composed of elements that relate to one another and rely on each other to produce visual and structural harmony through refined proportions that flatter the female form. For someone with a keen eye for the minimal aesthetic, our structured wedding dresses are a must to try on and feel due to their tactile nature. Explore our modern wedding dresses which also encapsulate our signature architectural aesthetic!