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House of Ezis has been specialising in school formal dresses since 2009. The original idea to design and make formal dresses, emerged when our knee-length, silk party dresses became extremely popular with teenage girls, who began to wear them for their school semi-formal event. The trend began, when we released our famous bubble dress and chain dresses. After a couple of years of re-designing the 2 styles in different variations and in every color of the rainbow alongside the introduction of complimentary new styles, it seemed like all the teenage girls in Brisbane owned a variation of our cute little bubble dress. Door girls were wearing them at nightclubs, and famous international female singers were wearing them on stage. Today, after all these years, we still hear stories from our past clients about this fun, innovative, little dress which we designed back in 2010. The memories make the whole project worth fighting for, they become echoes and catalysts for change. This constant striving to grow, learn, and go beyond oneself, to evolve creatively, gave rise to the idea to take our famous bubble dress and extend it into a full-length gown. In the process, we changed the geometry from a round shape to a sharp silhouette, it was our first maxi gown, we called her the Platonic Gown. Within a month of having her on display in our store, we were approached by a teenage client, independently, she knew House of Ezis through her friends from school and asked us to custom-design a unique, one-of-a-kind, school formal dress for her. It was a real honor to be chosen by her to make a dream gown for the most special day of her schooling, a celebration of completion and becoming a young adult. The pressure placed on school formal day is tremendous and we are very proud to be involved in such an important day. This was our first ever custom-made order and the beginning of our school formal dresses! Looking back on this order, it was a miracle that we were able to actually deliver this style of dress, with the limited knowledge and experience we had at the time. We gave it our best shot, and the gown turned out pretty good considering the circumstances, our client was happy. This experience planted a seed, we had a vision and we began slowly developing and designing a dedicated collection of long school formal dresses. The unique aspect of the first collection was the gentle draping which was explored on a mannequin; the collection was simple, clean and backless. All ideas for the collection were naturally generated through draping exercises and exploration, and the collection became a hit with the girls.