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We love seeing our modern brides in our super modern wedding dresses! Their style is timeless, whilst exuding elegance with a unique architectural edge. Above all, the modern bride is willing to take a risk to live life to the fullest and experiment with new ideas. Seeing brides wearing our modern wedding dresses brings joy to our design team, inspiring us to continue to modernise the bridal aesthetic. We love the effortless, minimal style of our structured gowns and the extravagance of our ball gowns designed specifically for modern brides. The collection captures a timeless aesthetic through simple, yet striking lines, ultra-fine tailoring and a highly tuned eye for proportion. It is all these fine complexities that merge together seamlessly to create the ultimate modern bride. Whether your wedding will be celebrated in contemporary architecture, a modern warehouse or in a garden, our fine tailoring and refined understanding of proportions along with our minimalist aesthetic means that our structured, modern wedding gowns are the perfect option for a modern bride. And, of course, don’t forget the wedding veil! The look can be finished of with our unique, structured bridal veil, constructed from heavy tulle, creating an unforgettable halo around you.