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Since 2009 House of Ezis has continued to evolve it’s aesthetic, slowly fading out it’s signature digital printed mermaid dresses as a response to the market. There was a distinct shift in the market to the plain Jane and basics street look and we had to react. Being agile has allowed us to morph the brand to the external changing forces which have continued to shape House of Ezis. By that stage our skills in tailoring had improved significantly, so we focused our energies on pure design, superior tailoring and innovative cutting methods for the release of our next collection of mermaid dresses. We simplified the designs to basic shapes, keeping our signature design features including: backless formal dresses, open-backs and spaghetti straps. We also started experimenting with heavy stretch scuba fabrics, which were great for creating flattering, bodily mermaid dresses. We initially designed two new mermaids, introducing a v-neck shape and circle bottom.  The move to heavy stretch fabrics opened us to many possibilities in terms of new ideas and shapes, the Famous Fold-Over Maxi and Tetra Mermaid were born! These designs were amazing and we were very excited to introduce them into the store to see how they perform. We posted a couple of images on Instagram and we could see that our followers were loving them, both designs received the most likes that we’ve ever had. Both designs were originally available for order in 8 colors.