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Here is an exploration of our favourite bridal fabrics that we have tested and sourced over the years. Each fabric type allows us to invent different draped wedding dresses specifically tailored from each fabric type and specific to its qualities. Remaining true to the material being worked with and listening to its voice and the way it behaves, allows us to produce a diverse range of draped wedding dresses, each expressing the female form in a different way. From soft satins to heavy structured Mikado and mid-weight bonded crepe, a variety of shapes can be pronounced either through the drape or sharp geometric formations. Stiff Mikado lends itself to fuller skirts in particular, allowing us to create designs that echo the body shape, deforming the traditional silhouette into a draped modern wedding dress. Mikados’ structure is also great for shaping bodices, providing support through the bust with heat pressed interfacing on the underside for further support and sculping for the perfect and most flattering fit. Another alternative for tailored shaping and sculpting is Belgian Upholstery which we have innovatively adapted into our draped wedding dresses in white, and black for bridesmaids. The Belgian upholstery fabric is a nice woven heavier weight cotton blend, making it ideal for sculpting shapes full of volume. On the other hand, if you’re into something a bit more delicate, then our high-tech Japanese satins are the finest satins on the market, they drape beautifully and fall softly. Japanese satins are the best quality of satins, sourced directly from Japan. The Japanese satin is great for flowy skirts and soft draping over structured under-bodices. The results are fluid in contrast to Mikado and Belgian upholstery which holds its shape, it really comes down to your personality as to which fabric suits your wedding destination, body shape and the vibe that you are going for. For a mid-range material, we use a double-bonded Crepe which we get industrially bonded in Melbourne. The beauty of the Bonded crepe is that it still has a degree of drape and softness to achieve fluid shapes whilst also having enough structure and weight to exaggerate and flatter the body and support the bust without requiring further under bust constructions. The bonded crepe has been a very popular material that suits our aesthetic and the way we design and it is definitely a material which we love to work with as it allows us to design innovative new shapes. The beauty of the material is that due to its double-bonded surface, the lining becomes obsolete, which from a design perspective allows us to bend and fold the material into a myriad of shapes and volumes without being limited by the underside of the material exposing itself during the design process as both the outer and underside of the material have the same surface and texture. This allows us to come up with designs that normally would have to be lined, adding further bulk to the finished gown.