Our unique, structured dress making studies, explore the limitations and opportunities of tulle as a structural material. Tulle has traditionally been used as an under garment material to achieve volume in skirts. Feature materials were then typically thrown over, concealing the beauty of the perforated, transparent, ethereal tulle. Over the years tulle has become more accepted as a material that can be exposed to reveal and express its own beauty. From experience it is evident that the older generation still has a negative association with tulle, tending to read it as a cheap material which must be concealed but as demonstrated very successfully by John Galliano for Dior, tulle can be used in novel ways to express its natural beauty as a feature material itself. The study of construction in this series of structured dress making techniques, explore ways to layer lightweight, yet rigid tulle as a surface to the degree where the material does not become heavy enough to create pressure upon itself and rigid enough to still support its own weight and structural integrity. The unique outcome is that no separate support system is required to sustain this structure.