House of Ezis Bridal Couture is designed and constructed in a method which allows each unique wedding gown to be sculpted and styled during our intimate client meetings. This unique, open-ended design approach allows us to deliver a palette of evening dress and wedding gown ideas in the form of wearable items which can be tried on the body, whilst still having the flexibility to be re-designed and customized to suit a particular clients’ requirement, preference and body shape. Due to the nature of our designs having sculptural elements placed consciously to exaggerate, highlight and flatter the female form, the excessive nature of these elements gives us the freedom to drape, gather and fold for a fuller silhouette or to sculpt back to the body for a more fitted look, depending on where the client feels the focus of the gown should culminate or begin its’ return to the curvature of the female form for a clean, tailored look.