We have noticed over the past 12 years of operation at retail level that House of Ezis dress rental and hire has become very popular in Brisbane. We understand that it is a great way to get a luxury item for a fraction of the price to wear once to an event, it makes perfect sense.

The part that is concerning is that we see school formal girls visit us in our store complaining that some of our most popular dresses have been worn by everyone. We can assure you that due to our limited production and registration service which guarantees exclusivity for each design we produce, this problem would not occur if renting and hiring wasn’t happening. In essence, by small businesses continuing to illegally rent and hire our gowns girls are actually shooting themselves in the foot while ruining someone else’s unique school formal event by putting them at risk of wearing the same dress that everyone else has worn.

Currently, we have adjusted our direction by focusing our energies into bridal gowns as this pattern of renting seems to be getting worse and more common and we feel that our caring service is being taken for granted by some school girls and this exploitative behaviour is not really what we stand for. We can assure you that this behaviour will result in everything looking the same, spoiling school formal events into the future.

So, if you are like us and care about having a unique House of Ezis gown that is made with great attention and care, which excites you as it is different to other gowns out there, think twice before you rent or hire it out.

From the Designer
Andrzej Pytel