House of Ezis custom-made service is founded upon 160+ styles which can be viewed, felt and tried on in our Brisbane based designer studio and showroom. The custom-made service is open-ended: offering elements from different styles to be inter-changed, mixed and made into new combinations which arise spontaneously during client appointments. The combinations can be tried and tested in real-time during the initial appointment on the clients’ body with the personalised assistance of our in-house designer and founder Andrzej Pytel.

Fabrics are also on hand in our showroom to understand how the fabric will drape and feel on the body prior to committing to the custom-made order. All orders are manufactured in our showroom, which means that there are always professional seamstresses on hand during fittings for any last-minute adjustments and changes that may be required prior to your event. The one-stop custom-made service allows you to create your dream gown which will be rigorously fitted to your body shape through ongoing fitting appointments until a perfect fit is achieved.

Appointments are not limited to a specific number of try-ons and we understand that it may take up to 10 fitting sessions until we are happy with the fit. Our in-house service is flexible in the sense that we can delay the final fitting until much closer to your event in-case you have experienced changes in body size and weight. All our custom-made fitting sessions are included in the 1-off quote which we issue during our initial meeting and appointment for you to take to the privacy of you home to consider. To view examples of some of our finest custom-made gowns worn by real brides during their wedding ceremony, please follow the link to REAL BRIDES.

The future of custom-made clothing is an ecological approach to fashion design which brings back value to having a unique item of clothing made specifically to your requirements. Big world-wide brands are slowly catching onto this model and a good article can be followed on Forbes about the future of this old-new direction.