Australia’s best luxury bridal jewellers to source something old, new, borrowed or blue from, can be found in our edit, giving you more time to focus on the sparklier things in life! Investing in a piece from one of these House of Ezis approved jewellers is sure to elevate any event. Australian Jewellery brands are known for their simplicity and homage to the natural landscape. Our homegrown brands produce unique pieces that are unmatched in luxury and craftsmanship, ranging from fine jewellery to sculptural-contemporary brilliance. If your search for the perfect final touch to an evening look, or an irreplaceable wedding-day addition, we are sure to have you covered.



Brisbane Designers
Margot McKinney

From coveted staple pieces appearing in the wardrobes of the most inspirational public figures to her designs gracing the red carpets from the Oscars to Cannes and Monaco, Margot McKinney creates pieces of inimitable beauty. Born from her love of the design-inspiring natural world, McKinney’s one-of-a-kind statement pieces are a true luxurious investment. Hailing from a long family tradition of luxury retail, the evidentiary heritage is seen in the pristine craftsmanship in her work. Draped gracefully around the neck of a bride, or sparkling from an ear or wrist of an evening-wear-clad woman, the intrinsic qualities of the stones she fashions into brilliant settings exudes pure luxury. Her pieces are inspired by the vibrant, exotic textures and colours that are so abundant in the natural world. Located within walking distance of our store, a visit to McKinney’s will have you suddenly investing yourself in the beautiful world of luxury jewellery.

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Styling by Sarah Birchley

Model wears the Logies Gown



By Baby

Australian fine jewellery label By Baby is designed to be contemporary yet iconic, with each ever-evolving collection heavily centred on the idea of daily diamonds. Designer Angelique Andronis’s years of experience under her renowned Australian jeweller father, Angelo Andronis, has seen her culminate modern and ancient jewellery-making techniques, evident in the refined-luxury of her pieces. The pieces that emerge from the Brisbane studio are crafted using refined solid gold and silver-plated metals, and premium quality diamonds and gemstones. Styled by the wearer as a stand-alone statement item or to become the first of a collection built up over time, each By Baby piece elevates any unique style and showcases the focal points of the body with their simplistic delicacy. A collection that is contemporary, adventurous and a little punk at heart, but pays homage to the roots of its craft, is what Angelique has created for the Brisbane based brand.

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Christie Nicolaides

Collections which are heavily influenced by her Greek heritage, artistic upbringing and love of antiquities, a visit to Christie Nicolaides Brisbane store is a jewellery-lovers must-do. Made to be worn either singularly or together as a complete aesthetic, from head crowns to earrings, necklaces and rings, you can choose to wear the pieces in generous abundance or with minimalist restraint. Nicolaides’s unique jewellery has seen her garner a loyal international audience of discerning collectors and high-profile stylists and societal figures alike. Pieces that can be described to have the baroque sensibility and an exuberant aesthetic, each collection features colourful semi-precious stones and plated brass materials. A large number of pieces on show, hidden behind her Parisian-like store façade, will have you spoiled for choice.


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Paula Walden

Local Brisbane artist and jeweller Paula Walden’s highly sought-after pieces have been showcased in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and more. Paula is consciously influenced by the ‘contrast in line’ theory – the design and rational thought of straight line, and the reflection of feeling and being an artist in curve line. Alternating between the two in order to achieve balance within her practice, her thoughtful and well-rehearsed approach to the design of her pieces sees her as a stand-out Brisbane designer to watch. Placing her focus on custom design, where it is all about honouring the traditional art of jewellery trough craftsmanship. From design to end product, PW will partner with you every step of the way until your vision is realized. A one-of-a-kind piece with the quality and workmanship of a handcrafted product, clients also receive a framed and original drawing of their design.

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Natascha Schweitzer

A Brisbane based family affair, sister Alex and Natascha Chipman are the minds behind Natasha Schweitzer; the modern-feminine brand creating pieces of exceptional beauty. Handcrafted in Australia, their pieces are designed to be instantly recognised for their refined beauty and exceptional quality. The brand leans on conceptual forward-thinking and cutting-edge design principles, with a strong sense of femininity and simplistic-elegance seen in their pieces. Following frequent features in Vogue Paris and Australia, Harper’s Bazaar and Porter to name a few, the intrinsically Australian brand is constantly on the tip of every bride-to-be’s tongue. The newly fitted-out Brisbane store is the ideal location for engagement appointments. Bespoke engagement ring design and the sourcing of unique high-quality diamonds are a specialty of the team at Natasha Schweitzer. Complete your jewellery and dress search in one trip, with our store in walking distance to the James Street boutique.

Andrew & Elisha

Photographed by Jason Lucas

Ezis bride Elisha wears the Supreme Gown 



Sydney Jewellers

Contemporary fine jeweller Lucie Ferguson adores traditions of creating meaning and history in people’s lives through the power of jewellery. Sustainably made in Australia, Babyanything uses precious metals sourced from across the world, to create future heirlooms imbued with femininity and timeless style. Offering a ready to wear range that re-invokes a sense of romance to jewellery, with pieces like dainty stackable rings and polished gold earrings wear alone or style further. Ferguson’s focus on feminine and modern design origins has seen the introduction of coloured stones to her ceremonial styles, breathing a breath of fresh air into the engagement ring scene. Custom pieces and stone-sourcing are a major undertaking by the brand and are a frequently-mentioned destination by the fashion-forward brides of Sydney.

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Sarah & Sebastian

Demi-fine jewellers Sarah & Sebastian consciously choose recycled metals, ethically sourced stones and local manufacturing on a made-to-order basis; committed to both environmental and social responsibility as a brand. The duo specialises in creating directional jewellery for longevity and sentiment. Innovatively designing whilst maintaining respect for traditional craftsmanship, the pieces that emerge from their Sydney studio are refined and incorporate the brand’s signature silhouettes. Working closely with master artisans to develop their craft, each new collection features an array of directional statement pieces and minimally elegant staple pieces to wear tirelessly after your event. Creating an intimately-bespoke engagement ring that is unmatched in beauty and quality, as a service offered at their by-appointment Mosman engagement suite, or hosted virtually if you prefer.

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By Jarrah Niven @ House of Ezis