Our eclectic mix of the 8 best Australian wedding photographers is sure to help you narrow down the search for the right photographer to capture your day. A decision you cannot make lightly, our abundant curation of talent based in all corners of the country is set to draw you out of your postponed wedding-day-blues and excite you for the times ahead. With an air of uncertainness still surrounding future weddings, being sure of your choice is important when the time comes to snatch up the most-wanted photographers. Your chosen photographer’s ability to communicate your love and capture the beautiful moments that will withstand time is imperative. Whether it be a lively, raw and fresh style to align with the unity of a young hopelessly-in-love couple, or a toned-down aesthetic for a moody, elegant union, our selection has you covered.





Lover of Mine

Inspiration stemming from minimalism, symmetry, natural light, authentic lovers, urban interiors, grand landscapes and family heirlooms, the couple behind Lover of Mine creatively think outside the box to bring your wedding vision to life. Capturing over 300 weddings and families in their city of Brisbane, Australia, and the world, they value the privilege to share in celebrating and documenting humans in love. From the images to the unforgettable memories made together, the duo cherishes the opportunity to foster real friendships with the couples they lens. Fuelling the passion behind their photography is building honest connections that go far beyond the camera. Honouring real life and real emotion, Anthon and Kim’s images are so highly emotive and reminiscent of your day, that they create tears in the eyes of their couples for many months after. Drawn to relationships and human connections, looking back at your images will put a smile on you and your partner’s faces and undoubtedly melt your hearts.

Calile Hotel Wedding in modern bridal gown

Ezis bride Michelle wears the Desirous Gown




Katie Harmsworth

Drawn to the way light falls, the softness and the shadows, Katie Harmsworth’s love for photography and creating a story were instilled in her from a young age. Seeing the god light that her mother kept telling her about, she saw the compositions and then began turning them into stories. Giving constant mention to light in her work, Harmsworth always follows the good light, wherever it takes her. She adores being a Melbourne wedding photographer, along with travelling all over the globe lensing destination weddings. Taken far beyond her understanding of light, and more importantly of love by her partner sometimes-photographer partner in crime, Harmsworth’s emotively-capturing use of organic lighting is the signature quality in her work which draws couples in. The authentic emotions from a couple’s wedding day are so easily conveyed in her stills, due to her decade-long experience as a photographer, and her confident and calming presence on your day. Ethereally intricate in their detail, and photojournalistic in nature, offering just enough direction to create timeless and romantic memories that leave her couples speechless. Inspired by beauty, love, and connection, the blend of romance with photojournalism natures in her lensing will ensure you fall in love with her work time and time again.

fitted wedding dress by Australian designer

Ezis bride Eliza wears the Supreme V2 gown




Megan Kelly

Based on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Megan Kelly’s poetic, emotion-filled frames capture the love stories of modern-day romantics. Sought out by couples who fly her across the country and the globe to document their day, she creates images which are timeless and reminiscent of the emotions felt on their wedding days; all the while following her signature style. Receiving international praise and being featured on the pages of luxury bridal publications, including Harper’s Bazaar, The Lane and Hello May, Kelly’s name is synonymous with beautiful bridal features and dreamy Instagram shots of weddings in unreal settings. Both exquisite in aesthetic and expressive yet honest, the beautiful clarity and emotiveness of Megan’s images set her above the rest.

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Alice Mahran

Living and working between Australia and the Netherlands, Syrian-born photographer Alice Mahran’s sensitive yet ambient lensing abilities are testament to her 7 years of photographing couples from around the globe. Being taken to the most beautiful places on Earth and most importantly, documenting the intimate days of the couples she shoots, Mahran’s lensing is reflective of the love she witnesses. Love itself has taught Mahran to become a better person behind the camera, and as cliché, as it sounds, the people she has met on the weddings she shoots have taught her so much. To capture an elaborately-layered Dior couture gown in all of its glory takes a certain level of unmatched-ability; With Mahran memorably lensing Australian bride Deborah Symond O’Neil’s such gown, it has led for her work to be recognised across the country and internationally. Bearing resemblance to a harmoniously-tonal fairy tale, the memories captured through her lens are for this lifetime and lifetimes after.

Tulle wedding dress





Bayleigh Vedelago

Nailing the art of simple, toned-down wedding photography, whilst still culminating in a luxe finished product, Bayleigh Vedelago’s work for the likes of Anna Heinrich and Montarna Pitt does not go unnoticed. After lensing the weddings of a handful of high profile names across Australia, Vedelago’s work hit mainstream media with a bang and is at the front of every bride-to-be’s mind for their source of inspiration. Resulting in images that appear so far removed from reality, having ethereal and fairy-tale qualities, creating a true dream-scape is Vedelago’s renowned ability. Assumingly inspired by the brilliant photographers before her, her work incorporates old-world romantic influences and vintage tones, setting her style apart from the others in her field.

modern tulle wedding dress

Ezis bride Emilia wears a custom gown





Bulb Creative

The Gold Coast-based couple behind Bulb Creative are globetrotting lovers set on sharing their passion for photo and film through encapsulating the beautiful essence of tying the knot. Shooting weddings and couples together since 2015, they made the choice to stay away from overly posed or forced movements. Allowing things to happen as they do, their photographs capture the essence of the day in a raw manner. Appreciating soft movement, mood and light, all the while documenting the memorable and heartfelt moments of the day, the pair love to be inspired by the couples they work with. Blending into the day while giving direction where it is needed, their approach is highly personal. By making sure they are the right fit to work with you, it helps as you will spend a lot of time together on your day (pretty much all of it), and want you to feel like they are friends floating around with a camera! Illuminating the wildly romantic couples from around the globe, they are always up for a little adventure.

halter neck wedding dress

Ezis bride Olivia wears the Supreme Gown





Courtney Illfield

The emotive power of black and white photography will never grow old. The ageless and time-defying images that are captured by Australian-native Courtney Illfield see couples love captured trough a well-travelled and culturally-immersed lens. Residing in Melbourne, Courtney’s pared-back approach to photography and romantic-moodiness in the tonal hues of her work sees couples from all corners of the country choosing to work with her. From capturing the magical details of the dreamy décor, or the intricate beading and delicate lace on a gown, no memory, no matter how small, shall be missed. Having featured in the top bridal and fashion publications around the globe, her ability to capture each tender moment with clarity and quality is what sets her apart from the rest in her field.

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Matt Godkin

Emotively capturing the real moments of a wedding, Matt Godkin’s approach to his work blends photojournalistic honesty with the elegance of editorial. His work does not go unnoticed, and constantly features in The Lane, Vogue Brides and Hello May. The stills from the weddings he captures are like pages pulled from a storybook: artful and timeless, characterised by mood, movement, and the often unnoticed beautiful moments. The depth of knowledge for his craft is shown in the flawless execution of his images post-shoot. With a background in fashion and editorial, the movement and sheer elegance of the gowns donned by the brides he shoots can be seen long after their day is over. The moodiness and emotive power of his images are enough to convince any bride on Matt’s ability to elevate their day.

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by Jarrah Niven @ House of Ezis