Working with Andrzej was an absolute pleasure from start to finish! He is so talented and he created my dream wedding dress for my wedding in August. He is an expert. All of his gowns are made to measure so there is nothing quite like his fit. Andrzej worked so collaboratively with me that I felt I was part of the process while he did all the hard work. When it comes to customer service, he goes above and beyond and even helped style my dress for the shoot on the day! I cannot thank the team at House of Ezis enough – there is no-one like you guys in Brisbane!! Pure perfection 🙂 Photos: Vedelago


It was such a special day for my husband and I and the perfect dress – I could not have been happier! I have received so many compliments on the dress and queries about which company in New York made it. I’ve been so happy to say it was made by a very talented Brisbane designer – House of Ezis!



I honestly can’t thank Andrzej enough! The dress was everything I ever wanted!!! The amount of compliments I received on the night about ‘how much this dress is me’ was amazing. Photography: Jackson Grant Photographer



I honestly wasn’t sure if I was going to find the ‘perfect’ wedding dress. After trying on a House of Ezis gown, I knew I had found the right designer for my wedding dress. Andrzej worked with me to create something really beautiful which I totally adored. The dress was tailored to perfection, I couldn’t have been happier with how it turned out. Thanks again, Andrzej!



Finding your desired wedding dress is not easy. I knew that I want something different as my wedding dress, something that shows my personality unlike other wedding dresses on the market but I couldn’t find the right place. As soon as I looked at the House of Ezis website I knew this is what I want – this designer can portray my dream. Andrzej knows what is right and what you want. The whole process was so easy and pleasant. I highly recommend him if you are looking for something special. Photography: Forever Yours Photography



Photography: Jess Jackson

Bridal Collection